Historic Facts about Accounting (Infographic)

Accounting is often thought of as a boring task that no one wants to do. The very word evokes images of a man wearing glasses sitting in a room with dusty books and files. This may have been the case long ago, but today, accountancy has developed into a multifaceted and technology-driven industry.

But just where does accounting have its roots?


Accounting Today

Accountancy has a rich history that spans centuries of human activity. It has come a long way from scrolls, slate tablets and the man with dusty books and files. The practice has its roots in people needing to keep track of their possessions. These roots grew into a full blown profession due to the increasing need for people to keep their financial books in order.

Today, accountancy is a crucial part of any business activity and can be the make or break of a company; especially small businesses. As such, accounting software was developed, making it possible for anyone to do their books and take the stress out of what seemed like a very daunting task.

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