HeadOffice: Jamaica’s Alternative to QuickBooks

If you are an accounting clerk, a bookkeeper, freelance certified professional accountant (CPA), sole trader or a small business owner, you probably have been fed up with filing taxes at least once. You probably have felt overworked due to poor record keeping as well.

The software options available to you in Jamaica (QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage ERP (formerly AccPac), Quicken) are not, well…Jamaican. Thus, they leave you with more work to do even after you’ve spent your hard-earned dollars on it.

There is, however, a solution on the market that will take care of your accounting and record keeping problems. Jamaica finally has its very own accounting software…

Is Foreign Made Accounting Software (QuickBooks, Peachtree) the Only Solution?

QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage ERP (formerly AccPac), Quicken and other foreign made accounting software are not the only option for accounting software in Jamaica. HeadOffice is a Jamaican-made online accounting software that is equivalent to QuickBooks and Peachtree. However, it is done according to the Jamaican Tax System. Therefore, you will not need to run more than one accounting/record keeping software in your office as HeadOffice covers those needs.

HeadOffice will Save your Day

Today’s accounting professional faces a slew of industry related problems:


Every tax period that comes around in Jamaica means that an accountant somewhere will get boxes of their client’s files, which they will have to sort through manually. This is tedious work and limits the number of clients an accountant can serve. This isn’t productive. With HeadOffice, an accountant can easily organise his clients’ files or have the client organise their record themselves. HeadOffice makes the tedious task of sorting and organising easy and helps accountants increase the number of clients they can process each period.

Inventory, Expenditure and Income

Monitoring inventory, expenditure and income often leave businesses in a quandary. Invoices and receipts get lost, the inventory is disorganised and no one knows how much sales were made that day. This leaves the accountant with a considerable amount of work to do. HeadOffice is designed to manage your inventory, tracks sales and expenses and keeps reliable records for tax time. With HeadOffice you can:

  • upload your operational documents (invoices, receipts)
  • organise your finances all in one place
  • track sales and expenses
  • manages customer, vendor, and employee data.


Filing Taxes? HeadOffice removes headaches from this as well. After  all the necessary information has been entered, HeadOffice will process  this data according to the Jamaican Tax system. You won’t need to calculate a decimal point further. Print, file your taxes and you’re done. With other software (such as QuickBooks or Peachtree) after you have finished computing you still need to work out G.C.T., Education tax, N.I.S, HEART Fund Contribution and Income tax in a complicated and fragile Excel document.

Easy to Understand

For business owners, the benefits of using HeadOffice are substantial as well.

Accounting software usually comes in a language that only accountants can understand – not so with HeadOffice. The reports generated are easy to read and understand and you can know the state of your business at a glance. HeadOffice also gives you a consolidated view of your business so you can make better, more informed decisions.


As a small business owner, you need to make sure you are getting value for your money. HeadOffice costs a small fraction of what other accounting software cost and has the same functions – that’s called stretching the dollar!

When you start keeping all your finance and sales information in one place, you will find that over a short period of time your information will make more sense. You will also notice that your information is easier to track and access. No more digging around in dusty boxes or sorting through filing cabinets. Everything you need is at you finger tips.

Like what you’re seeing so far? HeadOffice will change your view about business management and accounting in Jamaica.

Tell us below if you like the sound of a local accounting software that calculates taxes and pre-fills the tax forms.

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2 thoughts on “HeadOffice: Jamaica’s Alternative to QuickBooks”

  1. Are there any integrations with existing software such as zoho invoice so invoices and payments can be imported into headoffice?

    1. Thank you for your question.

      We are looking into importing from popular software and web applications.

      We will do a blog post when this feature is released.

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